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Tensile tester for yarn and fabric


Name of equipment:

Tensile tester for yarn and fabric


The STATIMAT M tensile tester is used to test tensile strength and elongation of yarn.

Model, type, country of origin:

Statimat M – Textechno, Germany


Technical characte-ristics:

The main part of the tester is a microprocessor system by means of which test conditions are adjusted, the test course controlled and the results obtained are evaluated statistically.

The speed is adjustable from 3 to 10 000 mm/min.

Maximum clam distance is 900 mm.

Force measuring device: F 10 N, F 100 N, F 1 000 N.

Suction system.

Year of origin:  -                   




Method of

The tensile tester is fully automated, microprocessor controlled and operates on the principle of constant elongation speed (so-called CRE method). The testing is done using two pneumatically activated clamps; the upper clamp is static, and the lower one is fixed on the elongation sliding device. The lower clamp grips the yarn , puts it on the upper clamp and slides away from it to the defined distance. Afterwards, the lower clamp continues to stretch the yarn until its breakage which should occur within the defined period of time. The tester is connected to the computer containing the program to set up test parameters, complete data processing and graphical representation of data.

room, location:

Department of Textile Design and Management

Laboratory, B-008 Prilaz baruna Filipovića 28a

Addition note:  

The corresponding standards:

HRN ISO 2062:2003, Textiles – Yarns from packages – Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break

ISO 13934, Textiles – Tensile properties of fabrics – Part 1: Determination of maximum force and elongation at maximum force using the strip method

DIN 53834, Textilien – Einfacher Zugversuch an Garnen und Zwirnen

DIN 51221

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