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TSRC Science and Research Equipment
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TSRC Science and Research Equipment

Within the project FP7-REGPOT-2008-1-229801 T-Pot funded by the European Union the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb has bought the latest scientific and research equipment to the value of almost 400.000 € and installed it at the Department of Textile Chemistry & Ecology. The equipment is located in two laboratories:

1) SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Laboratory

Equipment purchased under the T-Pot project for microscopy is the following:

  1. FE–SEM MIRA/LMU (Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope), Tescan
  2. EDX (Energy Dispersive X-Ray) detector (Quantax, Bruker AXS Microanalysis)
  3. Sputter coater SC7620-CF, (Quorum Technologies).

This electron microscope allows a detailed characterization of fiber or material, as well as analysis of the resulting changes in the textiles and other substrates. Theoretical magnification of the microscope is 1.000.000 times and besides the standard SE (Secondary Electrons) and BSE (Back-scattered Electrons) detectors, it has additionaly In-Beam detector installed. This detector is allowing high resolution sample image in a very short working distance (WD). The microscope is connected to the EDX device for chemical elements analysis in the shape of dot, line or area (Quantax, Bruker AXS Microanalysis). Since for the electron microscopy the electrical conductivity of the observed sample is a necessary pre-request, the gold/palladium/carbon based sputter coater has been purchased (SC7620-CF Mini, Quorum Technologies).

2) Textile Science Research Laboratory

Equipment purchased under the T-Pot project for thermal analysis and FT-IR spectroscopy is the following:

  1. DSC 8000, Perkin Elmer device for differential scanning calorimetry measures the heat flow change as a function of temperature. The device records the substance changes due to heating or cooling of samples by endothermic or exothermic reactions regarding the reference determinating indirectly a melting point, crystallization, evaporation, sublimation, glass transition, oxidative degradation, thermal decomposition etc., and representing the results in the shape of curves. DSC 8000 works in inert nitrogen atmosphere and the temperature range from -700C to 7000C.

  2. Pyris 1 TGA, Perkin Elmer device measures the sample weight loss in percentage as a function of temperature (and time) during the linear or step heating in the temperature range from 250C to 25000C and in nitrogen/air atmosphere. The results of the TG analysis are represented in the shape of curves, and by this method it is possible to determine a degradation point or sample decomposition. If the device is connected to FT-IR spectrometer (Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 FT-IR) by means of TG/IR inreface (Perkin Elmer TL 8000) it is possible to analyze organic gass products occured during the heating.

  3. Spectrum 100 FT-IR, Perkin Elmer (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectrometer allows three spectroscopic technique. KBr (potassium bromide) technique allows the spectroscopic transmission analysis of very fine ground samples pressed into tablets and ATR (Attenuated Total Reflectance) technique the spectroscopic reflection analysis. The results are represented as spectrogram curves unique for each chemical compound.

  4. TG-IR interface, Perkin Elmer TG/IR interface allows the analysis of organic gasses occured during the heating of the sample in TG device (Perkin Elmer Pyris 1 TGA) which are measured by the FT-IR device.

3) Other Science and Research Equipment which dispose at TSRC:

1. Equipment at the site: Savska 16/9

1.1. Capital equipment:

  1) Differential Scanning Calorimeter - DSC

  2) EKA – Electro Kinetic Analyzer

  3) FT–IR Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer with TG – IR Interface

  4) HPLC - Liquid Chromatography Device

  5) LOI (Low Oxygen Index) Chamber

  6) Scanning Electron Microscope (FE SEM)

  7) Spectrophotometer Cary 50 Solascreen

  8) Spectrophotometer Microflash

  9) Spectrophotometer Pye Unicam

10) Spectrophotometer Specol SV

11) Spectrophotometer Spectraflash SF 300

12) Spectrophotometer Spectraflash SF 600+CV UV

13) Thermogravimetric Analyzer - TGA

14) MCC – Microscale Combustion Calorimeter

1.2. Small to medium sized equipment:

  1) Ahiba-Turbomat

  2) Apparatus for wet finishing and dyeing

  3) Autoclave

  4) Autotitrator Titrino

  5) Bundesmann water repellency tester

  6) Fixotest

  7) Instrument for determination of vertical burning of textiles

  8) Jigger

  9) Linitest

10) Padder

11) pH meter

12) Portable conductometer

13) Portable pH meter

14) Prespotting device

15) Sputtering device - SC7620

16) Stenter with padder

17) Sweating Guarded Hotplate (Skin Model)

18) Tensile tester for yarn and fabric

19) Viscosimeter

20) Washing machine

21) Water quality analysis – Nanocolor photometer


2. Equipment at the site: Prilaz b.Filipovića 28

2.1. Capital equipment:

  1) Dynamometer for yarn testing

  2) Fabric tensile strength tester – 250kg

  3) Fabric tensile strength tester – 500kg

  4) Yarn evenness tester

  5) Yarn hairiness tester

  6) Yarn surface friction tester


2.2. Small to medium sized equipment:

  1) Torsiometer (Twist tester)

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