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Textile Science & Economy 2019 French-Croatian Forum (TZG 2019)

The 12th Scientific and Professional Conference on Textile Science and Economics (TZG 2019) under the title TZG 2019 - Textile Science and Economy 2019 French-Croatian Forum was held on January 23 and 24, 2019 at the Zagreb Innovation Centre (ZICER) and at the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb (TTF).

ZICER and TTF organized the event with the support of French High Education partners, along with associations, companies and organizations actively involved in the Textile Science and Economy. The main theme of TZG 2019 was "Trends and Future Directions in Textile Creativity, Innovation and Technology".


The conference is important scientific and economic event for the textile community of both countries. Its aim is to bring together leading researchers, experts from the industry and students from both countries, to share their knowledge and exchange scientific ideas.

As part of a rich program that included plenary and invited lectures by prominent Croatian and French scientists and experts, at the same time the Science and Economy Fair was held, featuring projects, patents, innovations and conceptual presentations of numerous scientists, businessmen and students from Croatian and French universities.

As the venue for the first day of the conference (January 23, 2019), ZICER offered an attractive and modular infrastructure and environment in line with modern business standards for dynamic, innovative and creative activities, including reserved exhibition spaces for most important current TTF’s institutional projects.

On the second day of the conference held on TTF premises, one of the speakers was prof. Sandra Bischof, PhD who gave the presentation titled "Textile science research centre - potentials for collaboration".

More information about TZG 2019 can be found at link 1 and link 2.

The entire presentation along with the conference programme are available below:

1. Presentation TSRC─potentials for collaboration

2. Conference program (January 23, 2019)

3. Conference program (January 24, 2019).


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